The Greater China Interest Group (“the Interest Group”) which is formed under the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee ("GCLAC"), consists of lawyers who are interested in the legal development or related activities in the Greater China region. The Interest Group also includes past members of the GCLAC and participants who had attended GCLAC’s past events.

In order to strengthen the connection with members, the GCLAC organised a gathering on 24 February 2023. Mr. Roden Tong, Vice President and Chairman of GCLAC, Mr. Neville Cheng, Vice Chairman of GCLAC and Chairman of the Interest Group, Mr. Daniel Leung, member of GCLAC and Ms. Sharon Tam, Chairlady of Greater China Young Solicitors Sub-Committee, met with six of the Interest Group members to introduce the latest work of GCLAC and discussed the future development of lawyers in the Greater China Region.

Participants exchanged views on the future development of lawyers in Greater China Region.