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About International Legal Affairs Committee

The International Legal Affairs Committee (“ILAC”) is a committee established under the Standing Committee on External Affairs and is responsible for coordinating activities in the international arena so as to develop, maintain and establish relations with bar associations, law societies and other law-related associations overseas for the purpose of promoting the Law Society as a professional associations for solicitors in Hong Kong.

The Law Society actively participated in international conferences/ seminars and reached out to other legal professional bodies around the globe throughout the years.

Membership list 

Amirali B. NASIR 黎雅明
Stephen W.S. HUNG 熊運信
Simon M.Y. CHAN 陳文耀
Neville C.H. CHENG 鄭宗漢
Heidi H.Y. CHUI 徐凱怡
Deborah S.W. FONG 方詩韻
Munenori KAKU
Frederick K.C. KAN 簡家驄
Olivia H.Y. KUNG 龔海欣
Karen LAM 藍嘉妍
David Y.C. LUK 陸耀宗
Alison K.W. TSOI 蔡佳穎
Louise K.F. WONG 黃金霏
Maggie M.Y. YIM 嚴敏怡
(Note: in alphabetical order)

International Relationships

In order to strengthen the cross-border ties, the Law Society also acts as a bridge between legal and business communities between the East and the West. We have signed 36 Memoranda of Understanding (“MOUs”) with 34 overseas lawyers associations and international legal organisations across the globe. As our constituency includes over 1,520 registered foreign lawyers qualified in 33 different jurisdictions, we are well-acquainted with the laws and legal systems of different countries around the world.

(Note: figures as of February 2021)

International Arbitration

Hong Kong arbitral awards are enforceable in over 150 Contracting States to the New York Convention. It has respective arrangements for reciprocal judgment enforcement with Mainland China and Macao. Since 2015, Hong Kong has been among the top preferred seats for arbitration globally according to the International Arbitration Surveys conducted by Queen Mary University of London.

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