The Law Society of Hong Kong is both the self-regulatory body and professional association for solicitors in Hong Kong. It is entrusted with the statutory duty to monitor the conduct of law firms and lawyers to maintain the highest standards. In this regard, the Law Society provides relevant and effective support to members, including organising regular training courses, seminars and events to update members on the latest developments in the law and to facilitate the sharing of experiences with Mainland Chinese and overseas counterparts. The Law Society also organises different kinds of sports, recreational and social activities for members to establish connections between members and even their families.

As a bridge between the solicitors’ profession and the Administration, The Law Society is in constant communication with relevant governmental departments, expressing opinion to improve the practice environment and regularly responds, from the legal perspective, to consultations on different issues. Rooted in Hong Kong and expanding abroad, The Law Society maintains a prominent presence in the international legal arena.  We have established friendly relationships with many legal associations around the world and has signed various Memoranda of Understanding with different legal associations and organizations from overseas, the Mainland and Taiwan.  

Representing over 12,000 members, The Law Society values the importance of social responsibility and encourages and facilitates its members to participate in voluntary work, using their legal knowledge to benefit the community.  For more than eleven decades, The Law Society has continued to serve the legal profession and to contribute to Hong Kong by supporting our members and the community. The Law Society will continue to uphold its vision and mission to safeguard and ensure the fair administration of justice while serving the legal profession.