The Council is the governing body of the Law Society, supported by the Secretariat.


The Council is the governing body of the Law Society.
There are twenty members in the Council. The President and the Vice-Presidents are elected annually by the Council.

Council Members 2024-2025

Roden M.L. TONG 湯文龍
Amirali B. NASIR 黎雅明
Christopher K.K. YU 余國堅
Careen H.Y. WONG 黃巧欣
C.M. CHAN 陳澤銘
Melissa K. PANG 彭韻僖
Calvin K. CHENG 鄭偉邦
Jimmy K.H. CHAN陳國豪
Tom K.M. FU傅嘉綿
Ronald K.N. SUM岑君毅
Justin H.Y. YUEN袁凱英
Simon J. McCONNELL馬康利
Pak Sun HAU 侯百燊
Hin Han SHUM 岑顯恆
Vincent S. K. TSO 曹紹基
Joyce C. CHENG 鄭程
Neville C. H. CHENG 鄭宗漢
Constance H. M. CHOY 蔡學雯
Heidi H. Y. CHUI 徐凱怡
Chris T. ZHAO 趙彤


The Council meets twice monthly or more frequently, if necessary. It receives and considers reports from six Standing Committees. It also determines issues raised by the Council itself. The Standing Committees are:

Standing Committee On Compliance


Standing Committee On Policy and Resources

which deals with the regulatory and administrative aspects of the profession.   which is responsible for policy co-ordination, the management of the Society's resources and budget.

Standing Committee On External Affairs


Standing Committee On Practitioners Affairs

which deals with public policy issues and manage the Society's professional (local and international media and community relations).   which deals with legal policy affecting the profession, good practice and law reform.

Standing Committee On Member Services


Standing Committee On Standards & Development

which formulates strategies that enhance members' benefits and interests.


  which sets and maintains standards of work and ethical practice through practice rules and guidelines, and oversees the Continuing Professional Development and Risk Management Education programmes.             



The Law Society has over 100 staff headed by the Secretary General. Within the Secretariat, there are six departments which support the responsibilities of the six Standing Committees:

Compliance has two sections: (1) Registration, which handles admission procedures for solicitors, issues annual practising certificates, registers trainee solicitors and foreign lawyers; and (2) Conduct, which handles complaints and carries out investigations, and prosecutes cases put before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Communications and External Affairs handles government, community, media, Mainland and international relations. The department also coordinates activities, local and overseas, promoting the solicitors’ practices as well as organising special projects.

Finance & Administration manages the Law Society's accounts and budget, premises, personnel and administration.

Member Services provides services and support to members to meet their needs in practice.

Practitioners Affairs deals with legal policy, practice and law reform. In addition, the department is responsible for the administration of the Professional Indemnity Scheme.

Standards & Development deals with the establishment of standards and rules and the setting of education and training standards.