Roden M.L. Tong 湯文龍
Ronald K.N. Sum 岑君毅
C. M. Chan 陳澤銘
Jimmy K.H. Chan 陳國豪
Joyce C. Cheng 鄭程
Tom K.M. Fu 傅嘉綿
Simon J. McConnell 馬康利
Amirali B. Nasir 黎雅明
Melissa K. Pang 彭韻僖
Hin Han Shum 岑顯恆
Ronald K.N. Sum岑君毅
Roden M.L. Tong 湯文龍
Careen H.Y. Wong 黃巧欣
Christopher K.K. Yu 余國堅
Mark Daly 帝理邁
Stephen W.S. Hung 熊運信
Fred Kan 簡家驄
Olivia H. Y. Kung 龔海欣
Arthur Y.Y. Law 羅日陽
Robert C. Rhoda 羅睿德
Thomas S.T. So 蘇紹聰
Maggie Y.T. Tsui 徐若婷
Richard K.C. Tsun 秦覺忠
Karen H.L. Wong 黃鎧琳
Louise K.F. Wong 黃金霏
Wong Kong Tin 黃江天
Wong Sai Kit 黃世傑
Ann M.S. Yeung 楊慕嫦
Director of Communications and External Affairs



To make recommendations to the Council on the communications and external relations strategies of the Law Society in enhancing the public image of the Law Society locally, nationally and worldwide; and in establishing and maintaining good relationship with the media, the Government, Legislative Council, the Judiciary, professional bodies and other agencies and organizations.
To oversee the effective and efficient management of media relations and communication services, including but not limited to:
establishing a system of communications and a spokespersons policy in dealing with the media and public enquiries;
ensuring good relationship and close contact with the media;
arranging timely media interviews, briefings, receptions and press conference and issuing timely press releases;
ensuring regular and timely dissemination of media alerts on current issues affecting the Law Society, the legal profession, the rule of law etc. to the President and other spokespersons or representatives of the Law Society; organizing meetings or conferences for them to decide upon the lines to take in the media on the relevant issues;
offering prior briefings for Law Society representatives on visits and conferences and other public functions; and
managing the free legal consultation and pro bono legal services projects.

To oversee the implementation of the strategies on fostering good public relations with the Government, Legislative Council, the Executive Council, the Judiciary; and the professional bodies, chambers of commerce, the Liaison Office of the CPG in HKSAR, the HKTDC and other local organisations.
To make recommendations to the Council on the Mainland strategies in building and fostering of good public relations with the Mainland authorities, lawyers associations and other organisations in the Mainland; and to oversee the implementation of these strategies, including but not limited to:
organising visits by the Council and other committees to the Mainland;
establishing and maintaining channels of communication with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Commerce, the Supreme Peoples' Court, the Hong Kong and Macau Office in Beijing and the provincial and municipality bureaus and agencies;
monitoring market access measures under the CEPA and other governmental initiatives;
liaising with Mainland Lawyers Associations pursuant to the memoranda of understanding and the cooperation agreements entered into by the Law Society with these Associations;
liaising with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of the HKSAR Government in the Mainland, the HKTDC and other professional bodies in the Mainland;
organising practice promotion events and networking activities for the profession in the Mainland;
publishing promotional pamphlets and brochures and contributing articles for publications in the journals, magazines and newspapers in the Mainland and for electronic dissemination; and
establishing a China Desk in the Law Society

To make recommendations to the Council on the international strategies in building and fostering of good public relations with the international and regional organisations, government authorities and NGOs, international and regional bar associations, law societies, law councils and other legal profession related organisations in other countries or territories; and to oversee the implementation of these strategies, including but not limited to:
developing and maintaining the established relations with the bar associations, law societies and other associations overseas;
facilitating the profession to practise in collaborations with lawyers overseas;
negotiating new memoranda of understanding for cooperation with overseas bars and law societies and performing the obligations on the part of the Law Society to perform under the subsisting memoranda of understanding; and
establishing an International Desk in the Law Society.

To make recommendations to the Council on strategies relating to the enhancement of the public image of the Law Society and the solicitors' profession.
To oversee the implementation of the strategies approved by the Council and the adoption of the appropriate tools of communications to the media and external parties such as press statements, publications, electronic communications, and conferences.
To oversee the coordination of all Law Society’s public relations activities or functions with the Government, and other organisations, overseas associations and professional bodies, including the annual spring cocktail reception with judges, legislative councilors, government officials , representatives of professional bodies and other organisations; to oversee the reception of guests of the Law Society.
To oversee the review and updating of the Law Society web site layouts and contents, printed brochures, promotional materials and other publications by the Law Society.
To oversee lobbying and publicity campaigns launched from time to time by the Law Society.
To review and approve the terms of reference, of the committees under the Standing Committee, including but not limited to:
Media Relations and Communications Committee (new)
Community Relations Committee
Mainland Legal Affairs Relations Committee
International Relations Committee (new)
Committee on Image Building and Branding (new)
Public Education Committee (new)
Committee on Pro bono Legal Services Projects (new)

To set up new committees, sub-committees or working parties as it may consider necessary from time to time, subject to pre-approval by the Council or the Standing Committee on Policy & Resources; and to review and approve their terms of reference.
(Approved by resolution of the Council on 22 July 2008)