Calvin K. Cheng 鄭偉邦
Hin Han Shum 岑顯恆
Calvin K. Cheng 鄭偉邦
Neville C. H. Cheng 鄭宗漢
Constance H. M. Choy 蔡學雯
Heidi H. Y. Chui 徐凱怡
Melissa K. Pang 彭韻僖
Hin Han Shum 岑顯恆
Roden M.L. Tong 湯文龍
Vincent S. K. Tso 曹紹基
Chris T. Zhao 趙彤
Bonita B.Y. Chan 陳寶儀
Eliza L.S. Chang 鄭麗珊
Karen Lam 藍嘉妍
Nancy B.Y. Leung 梁寶儀
Elaine Y.M. Lo 羅婉文
Sharon S.Y. Tam 譚雪欣
Adamas K.S. Wong 黃嘉晟
Cecilia K.W. Wong 黃吳潔華
Director of Member Services 



To consider, formulate and implement policies, strategies and initiatives in relation to and/or incidental to the enhancement of the Law Society's services to its members and promotion of members' benefits and interests, as designated by the Council from time to time, and also to make recommendations to Council on these matters from time to time.

To oversee the provision of support to members in relation to law firm and practice management and development, as well as career and personal development (including the provision of local cross professional networking opportunities to members).

To oversee the provision of practice resources and tools, library and legal technology resources to members.

To oversee the provision of programmes on member advantage, discounts and benefits.

To oversee the production of the Law Society's publications, including the Hong Kong Lawyer, the Annual Report, the Law List, the Law Firm Directory, and other Law Society's publications, pamphlets and brochures.

To oversee the organization of programmes and functions for specific sectors of the membership, including young solicitors, young partners and sole practitioners, corporate counsel, foreign lawyers, trainee solicitors and law students.

To oversee the organization of sports, recreations and other social functions for members and their families.

To oversee the organization of Law Society members' forums.

To oversee the daily administration of the website and the Apps of the Law Society, the update of the contents and layouts of the Law Society's electronic platforms with respect to the matters under the remit of the Standing Committee on Member Services, and the development of other electronic platforms to enhance communication with members.

To oversee the operation of the hotlines of the Law Society in relation to member services and pro bono work.

To supervise the committees, sub-committees and working parties under the Standing Committee on Member Services, including to review and approve their terms of reference, to appoint and remove their respective chairman, vice-chairman and members, and to review their decisions.

To set up new committees, sub-committees or working parties as it may consider necessary from time to time, subject to pre-approval by the Council or the Standing Committee on Policy & Resources; and to review and approve their terms of reference.