Under the title “Deepening Cooperation, Achieving a Win-Win Future”, the 26th Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium (“Symposium”) was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 29 to 30 November. 

This annual event aims at promoting high-level and high-quality cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong. Vice-President and Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee (“GCLAC”) Roden Tong attended the Opening Ceremony on 29 November, which was joined by government officials from Beijing and the HKSAR.

On the same day, GCLAC Vice-Chairman James Wong attended the “Beijing-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation Forum and ‘Invest in Beijing’ Thematic Session”, where speakers from Beijing and Hong Kong discussed achieving win-win situation by leveraging the advantages of the two cities and deepening the exchanges and cooperation for services industries, technological innovation, etc.

At a dinner hosted by the Bureau of Commerce of Xicheng District on the day before the Symposium (28 November), President C. M. Chan addressed the participants on the role of Hong Kong’s legal profession in Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation.

President C. M. Chan addressed the participants in the Symposium on 28 November 2023.

Vice-President and GCLAC Chairman Roden Tong took a picture in the Opening Ceremony of Symposium on 29 November 2023.