Jointly organised by The Law Society of Hong Kong and the Department of Justice, the GBA Young Lawyers Forum (“the Forum”) was held in a hybrid format under the theme “Building a Future Together under GBA Opportunities” on 9 November in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as part of the Hong Kong Legal Week 2023.

At the Opening ceremony, Mr C. M. Chan, President of the Law Society, said that currently the total economic volume of the GBA has exceeded US$1.9 trillion. If the area was considered an independent economy, it would be the 10th largest economy in the world. Lawyers in the GBA form a huge legal talent pool, which can provide diversified and international legal services for the high-quality development of Mainland enterprises.

During the Main Forum, Mr Fang Jianming, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong SAR, encouraged Hong Kong to give full play to its legal expertise, resolve the differences between the "two systems", promote the connectivity of mechanisms of the three regions in trade, financing and service rules, and build a convenient, efficient, multi-faceted, collaborative and smooth cross-border dispute resolution and legal services platform for the GBA. He also encouraged young lawyers to seize the opportunities in the GBA and actively participate in the development of the area.

The Forum comprised a main forum where prominent speakers are invited to discuss the roles of legal professionals in building a law-based business environment, and how to work with enterprises in the GBA with a view to managing risks and seizing business opportunities. 

To further promote cooperation among Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as strengthen exchange among young talents from the three regions, the Forum also featured an Interactive Session where young legal representatives from the three regions were invited to share their views and expectation on practising in the GBA in the format of “One Question and Three Answers”.

Before the start of the Interactive Session, Ms Jiang Xiao Wen, Director of Justice Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality; and Mr Huang Shan, Director of Young Lawyers Committee of All China Lawyers Association, were invited to speak on the recent developments of the GBA and the country’s support for young lawyers, with a view to helping them seize opportunities in the GBA and contribute to the country.

Mr Roden Tong, Vice-President and Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee, in his closing speech highlighted that both Chinese and English are official languages used by the Hong Kong Government, legislature and judiciary, and that multi-lingual skills (English, Putonghua and Cantonese) are one of the many strengths of Hong Kong’s young lawyers.

Thanks to the support from the Department of Justice, Guangdong Lawyers Association and Macau Lawyers Association, the Forum attracted registrations by 35 lawyers’ associations from different provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, recording over 1,000 local and Mainland participants in total.

President C. M. Chan (seventh from right), Deputy Commissioner Fang Jianming (eighth from right), the Deputy Secretary for Justice Horace Cheung (seventh from left), Director Jiang Xiao Wen (sixth from left), Vice-President Roden Tong (fifth from left) and other prominent speakers took a group picture in the forum.

President C. M. Chan (top left), Vice-President Roden Tong (top right), Director Jiang Xiao Wen (bottom left) and Mr Huang Shan (bottom right) delivered keynote speeches in the forum.