On 24 August, President C. M. Chan led a delegation from the Law Society, including Vice-President and Chairman of Greater China Legal Affairs Committee (“GCLAC”) Roden Tong and Vice-President Christopher Yu, to join the sixth Hong Kong Legal Services Forum held in Chengdu, coorganised by the Department of Justice (“DoJ”) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Under the theme of "Sichuan, Chongqing and Hong Kong Join Hands for a Brighter Future", the event attracted more than 1,000 local legal practitioners and trade representatives.

During the event, President C. M. Chan was invited to moderate Plenary Session One under the theme “Legal Risk Assessment and Management for Mainland Enterprises Going Global”. Council Member Constance Choy was one of the speakers in the same session.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Law Society’s Mediation Committee hosted the Mock Mediation Session of the event. The representatives included Council Member and Member of the Arbitration Committee and Mediation Committee Ronald Sum, Council Member Shum Hin Han, Chairlady of the Mediation Committee Cecilia Wong, as well as Members of the Mediation Committee Karen Lam, Daphne Lo and Jody Sin.

During the trip in Chengdu, the delegates of the Law Society visited Tianfu Central Legal Services District. Besides, President C. M. Chan, Vice-President Christopher Yu, as well as Council Member cum GCLAC Vice-Chairman Neville Cheng had a courtesy meeting with representatives from the Sichuan Lawyers Association to discuss possible collaborations to foster professional exchanges between lawyers of the two places.

The delegation from Hong Kong attended the sixth Hong Kong Legal Services Forum held in Chengdu.

President C. M. Chan moderated the plenary session.

Representatives of the Mediation Committee of the Law Society hosted the Mock Mediation Session.

Delegates of the Law Society visited the Tianfu Central Legal Services District.