Since 2018, lawyers associations from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau have been taking turns to host meetings based on the joint meeting system to promote the exchange and cooperation within the legal services industry in the Greater Bay Area. 

On 30 January 2021, the Law Society participated in the sixth joint meeting held online at the invitation of the Macau Lawyers Association. Representatives of the Law Society included Ms. Melissa Pang, President of the Law Society; Mr. C.M. Chan, Vice-President and Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee; Mr. Thomas So, Immediate-Past-President and Chairman of the Greater Bay Area Sub-committee; and Mr. James Wong, Vice-Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee.

The mechanism of the Secretariat for the Liaison Working Group for Lawyers Associations in the Greater Bay Area was confirmed at the meeting. It was agreed that lawyers associations from the three regions would take turns to consolidate and disseminate information. Representatives from Guangdong will take up the Secretariat’s role for the first two years. Meanwhile, the feasibility of certain initiatives, such as online training or virtual mentorship programme, were also discussed at the meeting, with an aim to provide young lawyers with opportunities to learn from senior counterparts.

President Melissa Pang and other representatives of the Law Society attended the Sixth Joint Meeting for Lawyers Associations in the Greater Bay Area.