CPD Training Record

CPD Training Record

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The Society does not keep records of individual practitioners' attendance at courses. All practitioners subject to the CPD Scheme are required to maintain their own record of their training activities with sufficient details for verification purposes. A recommended CPD training record form can be downloaded from the Society’s website at www.hklawsoc.org.hk.

The Society can request production of the training record at any time.

Many firms keep duplicate training records. However, solicitors are reminded that the onus is on the individual to maintain the training record. Practitioners who are unable to produce the training record may be required to undertake the training again.

Practitioners should ensure that all the relevant details of all CPD courses or activities undertaken are entered onto the CPD training record

NOTE: CPD training records should be retained for at least two (2) CPD practice years after the period to which it relates. In any event, the CPD training record for the CPD practice year in which a practitioner last engaged in practice must also be retained as supporting evidence for his statement of CPD compliance should he later resume his practice and apply for renewal of his practising certificate. If any of the CPD points recorded in the training record involve CPD point(s) carried over from the preceding CPD practice years, the CPD training records for all relevant years should also be retained as supporting evidence for audit purposes.

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