Approved Committees/Working Parties/Associations

Approved Committees/Working Parties/Associations

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 (Reference: Guideline 15)

  1. Law Society Committees/Working Parties

  2. Council

    Legco Liaison Group
    Belt and Road Committee
    Hong Kong Solicitors Indemnity Fund Limited 
    Honours Committee
    PIS Claims Committee 
    PIS Investment Subcommittee 
    PIS Panel Solicitors Selection Board
    Professional Indemnity Advisory Committee 
    Working Party on Election System
    Working Party on PIS Gross Fee Income Reports and Contributions 
    Working Party on Unregulated Legal Service Providers
    Working Party on YSG

    Practitioners Affairs

    Standing Committee on Practitioners Affairs
    Arbitration Committee
    Arbitrators Admission Sub-Committee
    Civil Litigation Committee
    Company Law Committee
    Competition Law Committee
    Constitutional Affairs and Human Rights Committee
    Criminal Law & Procedure Committee
    Employment Law Committee 
    Family Law Committee
    Higher Rights of Audience Committee
    Insolvency Law Committee
    Insurance Law Committee 
    Intellectual Property Committee
    Investment Products and Financial Services Committee
    Joint Standing Committee on Probate Practice
    Land Use Planning and Environmental Law Committee
    Legal Aid Committee
    Liaison Committee with CSD
    Liaison Committee with the Police
    Mediation Committee
    Mental Health Law Committee
    Personal Injuries Committee
    Probate Committee
    Property Committee
    Retirement Schemes Committee
    Revenue Law Committee
    Reverse Mortgage Committee
    Solicitor Advocates Interest Group
    Transportation and Logistics Committee
    Working Party on Charities and Trust
    Working Party on Data Privacy and Records Management
    Working Party on Dreamvar's Case
    Working Party on Enduring Power of Attorney
    Working Party on Enforcement in Civil Proceedings
    Working Party on Interpreters
    Working Party on Review of Non-Consent Scheme Forms
    Working Party on Revised DMC Guidelines
    Working Party on Taxation in Civil Proceedings

    Standards & Development

    Standing Committee on Standards and Development
    Anti-Money Laundering Committee
    Continuing Professional Development Committee
    CPD Accreditation Sub-committee
    OLQE Eligibility and Exemption Committee
    Guidance Committee
    Guidance Sub-committee to Review Rule 5AA of the Solicitors' Practice Rules
    Guide Working Party
    Legal Education Committee
    Mediator and Parenting Coordinator Admission Committee
    Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination Committee
    Risk Management Education Committee
    RME Accreditation Sub-committee
    Solicitors' Accounts Rules Committee
    Trainee Solicitors Committee
    Working Party on Practice in Service Centres, at Home, in Domestic Premises or by Virtual Offices
    Working Party on Solicitor Corporation Rules
    Working Party on Solicitors' Practice Rules
    Working Party on the Practising Certificate (Special Conditions) Rules


    Standing Committee on Compliance
    Consents Committee
    Investigation Committee
    Working Party to Review the Status of Compliance Letters and Delegation of Powers

    External Affairs

    Standing Committee on External Affairs
    Australia Interest Group 
    Belt and Road Conference Organising Committee
    Community Relations Committee
    Cross Strait Four Regions Young Lawyers Forum Organizing Committee
    Czech Interest Group 
    Greater China Legal Affairs Committee
    International Legal Affairs Committee
    Japan Interest Group
    Law Week Organising Committee
    Mainland Interest Group
    Public Policy Committee
    Teen Talk Organising Committee
    Working Group on Community Talks & Services
    Working Group on Law and New Generation Schools Talks
    Working Group on Legal Pioneer Mentorship Programme
    Working Group on Sing Tao Legal Mailbox

    Policy & Resources

    Standing Committee on Policy and Resources
    Hong Kong Lawyer Editorial Board
    Working Party on Law Society IT Systems
    Working Party on Law Society Premises
    Working Party on Review of the Law Society's Memorandum and Articles of Association

    Member Services

    Standing Committee on Member Services
    In-House Lawyers Committee
    Interest Group on Mergers and Acquisitions
    Islamic Finance Working Party
    Member Benefit Committee
    Practice Management Committee
    Pro Bono and Community Work Recognition Committee
    Pro Bono Committee
    Recreation and Sports Committee
    Technical Support Interest Group
    Innotech Committee
    Working Group on Insurance for Pro Bono Work
    Working Group on Pro Bono Project on Building Management Work
    Working Group on The Law Society's App
    Working Party on Historical Archive
    Working Group on Pro Bono Webpage
    Working Group on Seminars for Social Enterprises
    Working Party on SME Firms
    Young Solicitors' Group

  1. Other Approved Committees/Working Parties/Associations

  2. Advisory Group on Modernisation of Corporate Insolvency Law

    Appeal Tribunal, Buildings Ordinance

    Asian Patent Attorneys Association (HK Group)
    -     Anti-Counterfeiting Committee
    -     Copyright Committee
    -     Designs Committee
    -     Patents Committee
    -     Trade Marks Committee

    Chief Justice's Working Party on Mediation

    Council of the Licensing Executives Society of China, Hong Kong Sub-Chapter

    Food and Health Bureau, the Government of HKSAR
    -     Fishermen Claims Appeal Board

    Government's Standing Committee on Company Law Reform

    Higher Rights Assessment Board
    -     Examining Panel

    Hong Kong Admiralty Court Users' Committee

    Hong Kong Corporate Counsel Association
    -     Executive Committee

    Hong Kong Department of Justice
    -     Steering Committee on Mediation
    -     Accreditation Sub-committee of the Steering Committee on Mediation

    Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
    -     Appointments Committee
    -     Executive Committee
    -     Mediator Accreditation Committee
    -     Proceedings Committee

    Hong Kong Maritime Law Association
    -     Executive Committee

    Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL)
    -     Council
    -     Working Party on Membership
    -     Mediation Accreditation Committee

    Hong Kong Society of Notaries
    -     Council
    -     Examination Committee
    -     External Affairs Committee
    -     Management Committee
    -     Standards and Development Committee
    -     Statutes and Constitution Committee

    Independent Police Complaints Council

    Land Registry Customer Liaison Group (Private Sector)

    Land Titles Ordinance - Title Registration Education Committee

    Land Titles Ordinance Review Committee

    Land Titles Ordinance Steering Committee

    Legal and Complaints Committee of the Equal Opportunities Commission

    Office of the Secretary for Transport and Housing Government Secretariat
    -     Appeal Panel (Housing)

    Secretary for Justice's Working Group on Mediation
    -     Accreditation and Training Sub-Group
    -     Public Education and Publicity Sub-Group
    -     Regulatory Framework Sub-Group

    Security Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    -     Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Procession
    -     HKSAR Passports Appeal Board
    -     Immigration Tribunal
    -     Registration of Persons Tribunal
    -     Torture Claims Appeal Board

    The Association of China-Appointed Attesting Officers Limited
    -     Council
    -     Subcommittee on Administrative Affairs
    -     Subcommittee on Business Development
    -     Subcommittee on Disciplinary Affairs
    -     Subcommittee on External Affairs
    -     Subcommittee on Practice and Procedure

    The Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers
    -     Securities and Finance Committee

    The Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners Limited
    -     Council

    The Interest Group of Legal Aid Services Council on Scope of Legal Aid

    Working Group on Children in Family Proceedings

    The Joint Tribunal of the Bar Council and the Law Society

    The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
    -     Sub-Committee on Archives Law
    -     Sub-Committee on Access to Information
    -     Sub-Committee on Causing or Allowing the Death of a Child
    -     Sub-Committee on Periodical Payments for Future Pecuniary Loss in Personal Injury Cases
    -     Sub-Committee on Review of Sexual Offences
    -     Sub-Committee on Third Party Funding for Arbitration

    The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
    -     Appeal Board


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