If a member determines, when acting for a client in a transaction, that he has any information that confirms or gives reason to suspect that any property represents criminal proceeds (including terrorist related property), or will be used in connection with a criminal offence, then he has a legal obligation to file a Suspicious Transactions Report (“STR”) with the Joint Financial Intelligence Unit (“JFIU”).

  1. How to submit a Suspicious Transaction Report?
    An STR should be made to the JFIU through one of the following methods:
    • by e-reporting through the online system, STREAMS
    • by email to jfiu@police.gov.hk
    • by fax to (852) 2529 4013
    • by mail, to Joint Financial Intelligence Unit, GPO Box 6555 Hong Kong
    • by telephone to (852) 2866 3366.
  2. STR form and submission guidance
    To submit an STR you have to download the proforma for reporting STRs from the JFIU website, please click here

    To submit an e-STR via STREAMS, you have to first apply for a secure area login and password for e-STR submission from the JFIU, please click here

    An Officer from the JFIU will contact you upon receipt of the registration form and will provide you with the latest version of the proforma for reporting STRs and other relevant documents, including the following:  
    • Electronic STR (e-STR) Submission Manual 
    • User Guide to Electronic STR (e-STR) submission