Exploring new business opportunities for our members is one of the important tasks of the Law Society. Over the years, we have established extensive connections with legal professional organisations in various overseas jurisdictions, laying a good foundation for collaboration on activities that are beneficial to our members.  

On 16 June 2022, the Law Society signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Astana International Financial Centre (“AIFC”) Authority in Kazakhstan virtually. The AIFC is a unique hub on the map of the financial world that brings together the best practices and opportunities offered by similar institutions around the globe – from New York City and London to Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. It operates within a special legal regime and the AIFC Court provides a common law court system based on the norms and principles of English law, similar to the Hong Kong legal regime which is familiar to Hong Kong practitioners. The AIFC presents new business opportunities for our members.

The signing of MOU not only formalises the commitment to collaborate and support each other, it also provides more opportunities for professional exchanges among the respective members as well as the business communities in the two jurisdictions. The Law Society looks forward to working more closely with the Kazakhstan counterparts.  

MOU signing of the Law Society and AIFC Authority.