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About Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee (“CRC”) is a committee established under the Standing Committee on External Affairs and is responsible for organising community events so as to engage different groups of the society including students, elderly, non-Chinese speakers and ethnic minorities for the purpose of promoting the Law Society as a caring association to contribute to the community. Every year, the CRC organises different community programmes to serve the public and promote legal knowledge to raise the community’s awareness of legal issues.

Membership list 

Yeung Mo Sheung, Ann 楊慕嫦
Cheng Ching, Joyce 鄭程
Chan Ka Ho, George 陳嘉豪
Chan Kim Shing, Gilbert 陳錦成
Cheng Ching, Joyce 鄭程
Cheng Neville 鄭宗漢
Hui Y Raphael 許譽曦
Law Yat Yang, Arthur 羅日陽
Leung Ping Fun, Anita 梁丙焄
Ling Wing Shan, William 凌永山
Lo Chung Yun, John 盧仲勇
Ng Cheuk Ping, Charmaine 吳芍娉
Ng Sheung Man, Carmen 吳尚敏
Tam Suet Yan, Sharon 譚雪欣
Tong Wai Lun, William 唐瑋綸
Tse Winnie 謝慧玲
Tsui Yuek Ting, Maggie 徐若婷
Yeung Nga Man, Jackie 楊雅雯
(Note: All names, except for those of the Committee leadership, are listed in alphabetical order)

Abide by the Law Education

Targeting the younger generation with the aim to enhance their social awareness and legal knowledge, the CRC organises events with youth groups to promote the importance of abiding the law.

Community Talks and Services

The Law Society received invitation from external organisations from time to time to organise community talks. The CRC also organises social services four times a year to lead a team of solicitors to serve different social groups including the elderly, low-income families and ethnic minorities.

Law and New Generation Programme and School Talks

The Law Society invited all secondary schools in Hong Kong to join our school talks hosted by voluntary solicitors with the aim to promote the right legal concepts and knowledge. We also offer talks for education organisations and school management staff.

"Legal Pioneer" Mentorship Programme

Since 2009, the Community Relations Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong organises the “Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme to provide secondary school students an interactive platform to understand more about the legal industry and learn more legal knowledge. Solicitors and law students join the Programme as mentors to provide guidance for student mentees throughout various activities. The Programme is one of the most well-received initiatives of the Law Society as small group mentorship allows a more intimate interaction among mentors and mentees. Over the years, more than a thousand students from over a hundred local secondary schools have participated in the Programme.