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The Working Party on Historical Archive is delighted to launch the Oral History Project (the “Project”) in 2020 where very senior and significant members of the Law Society, including members who have been admitted to the Law Society's Roll of Honour, Past Presidents and very senior members, would be interviewed to provide unique insights into their memories, lives and professional careers.

Below is a list of those interviews that have been conducted under the Project (in alphabetical order of the family names of the interviewees). The Working Party takes this opportunity to express gratitude towards the interviewees for sparing their invaluable time to share with us their stories. 

The interviews were conducted in the language of the preference of the interviewees and interviewers.

*Unless otherwise specified, all interviews were recorded in video format. Intellectual property of all interview recordings are vested in the Law Society, and visitors are reminded not to reproduce, circulate and/or by any means exploit the content of the recordings in any format unless with prior consent in writing from the Law Society.

Interviewee Law Society honorific titles Date of interview Recording*
Mr Christopher Cheuk CHAN Past President (1996-1997)
Roll of Honour (2011)
29 June 2021 Discover
Ms Ella Shuk-ki CHEONG Roll of Honour (2004) 21 May 2021 Discover
Dr Anthony Wing-kin CHOW Past President (1997-2000)
Roll of Honour (2015)
23 May 2022 Discover
Mr Roland Kun-chee CHOW Roll of Honour (2023) 23 June 2021 Discover
Ms Therese Pei-fong CHOW   5 January 2022
*Materials were last collected from the interviewee for this written interview on this date
Discover (PDF)
Mr Winston Ka-sun CHU   8 December 2021  Discover
Mr Timothy George FRESHWATER Past President (1984-1985) 27 May 2021 Discover
Mr Lester Garson HUANG Past President (2007-2009)
Roll of Honour (2021)
16 July 2021 Discover
Mr Simon Sik-on IP Past President (1987-1989)
Roll of Honour (2013)
31 May 2021 Discover
Mr Ambrose Hon-chuen LAU Past President (1992-1993) 12 November 2021 Discover
Mr Maurice Mui-sang LEE new   8 July 2022 Discover (audio)
Ms Elsie Oi-sie LEUNG Roll of Honour (2010) 10 August 2021 Discover
Mr Siu-hon LEUNG Roll of Honour (2012) 7 September 2021 Part I

Part II
Mr Ho-fai MA & Mr Che-sang SAT   8 December 2021 Discover
Mr Peter James THOMPSON   26 May 2021 Discover (audio)
Mr Herbert Hak-kong TSOI Past President (2000-2002)
Roll of Honour (2016)
16 June 2021 Discover 
Mr Huen WONG new Past President (2009-2011)
Roll of Honour (2022)
28 September 2022 Discover

Upcoming interviews

Interviewee Law Society honorific titles
Mr Stephen Wan-shun HUNG Past President (2014-2016)
Mr Michael John LINTERN-SMITH Past President (2004-2005)
Roll of Honour (2020)

About the Working Party on Historical Archive

The Working Party on Historical Archive is a working party under the Standing Committee on Member Services. It is tasked to recommend a policy for the establishment and maintenance of an archive for the Law Society so that materials and information of immense historical value can be preserved.