The International Conference of Legal Regulators (“ICLR”) 2022 was held from 26 to 28 October 2022 in Chicago, United States. Vice-President Christopher Yu, who chairs the Standing Committee on Compliance, attended the ICLR in-person on behalf of the Law Society. Among others, Mr Yu met with representatives of the Solicitors Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom and the delegation from Singapore, discussing with them issues of mutual concern, such as how the pandemic is changing the legal regulation environment, LawTech development and the legal landscape in Hong Kong in general.  

Mr Yu also discussed with ICLR the opportunity for the Law Society to be more involved in organising ICLR conferences in the future, noting that this regulators-only conference provides a good source of knowledge and best practices in legal regulation, and that is one of the key functions of the Law Society.   

Representing the Law Society, Vice-President Mr Christopher Yu physically attended the ICLR in Chicago.