Exploring new opportunities for our members is an important task of the Law Society. Over the years, the Law Society has established extensive connections with lawyers associations and legal organisations in different overseas jurisdictions, laying a good foundation for collaboration on activities that are beneficial to our members. As of July 2021, the Law Society has signed 37 memoranda of understanding (“MOUs”) with overseas lawyers’ associations and international legal organisations.

To foster collaboration and strengthen exchanges between members of the Law Society and overseas lawyers’ associations during the pandemic, the Law Society has joined hands with our MOU counterparts from the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, Poland and Japan to organise a series of webinars in the second half of 2021. 

The series opened on 27 July 2021 with the joint webinar with the Law Society of England and Wales. Representatives from the two Law Societies formed two panels to discuss cross-border dispute resolution and women in law respectively. Over 120 members participated in this event. 

President Melissa Pang delivered a welcome remarks at the joint webinar. 

Council Member Karen Lam (first from right) and Ms Heidi Chui, Member of International Legal Affairs Committee (second from right) introduced the latest developments in cross-border dispute resolution in Hong Kong. 

Ms Olivia Kung, Member of Standing Committee on External Affairs (upper right) and Ms Deborah Fong, Member of International Legal Affairs Committee (bottom right) shared their personal experiences on the challenges and solution to gender inequality in the legal profession. 


Webinar recording: