Japan has always been a top travel destination for Hong Kong people and there is strong growing interest for investment in Japan. There is also keen interest for Japanese lawyers to explore business opportunities in Hong Kong. Over the years, the Law Society has been playing an active role in creating international exchange platforms for our members both to maintain continuous professional development and to develop international connections. One way of fulfilling this objective is through establishing connection with overseas lawyers associations. 

In 2012, the Law Society started building a closer working relationship with the lawyers associations in Japan by entering into memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with them. Since then, meetings and discussions have been conducted on ways to enhance the professions’ competencies and professional standards. The Law Society values exchanges and cooperation; and is keen to explore opportunities that are in line with legal needs and changes in the world.

On 10 March 2021, the Law Society co-organised a webinar with Daini Tokyo Bar Association to introduce the unique legal systems and services in Hong Kong and Japan; and the latest development of the legal profession during the pandemic in our respective jurisdictions. The webinar was well-attended by over 90 participants. We are also pleased to have signed a MOU with Daini Tokyo Bar Association on this occasion. This is the seventh MOU signed between the Law Society and the lawyers associations in Japan. The signing of MOU not only formalises the commitment to collaborate and support each other, it also provides more formal opportunities for professional exchanges among our respective members. The Law Society looks forward to developing a strong growing and fruitful friendship with our Japanese counterparts and creating more opportunities for our respective members.  

MOU signing of the Law Society and Daini Tokyo Bar Association. 

(From left to right) Mr. Munenori Kaku, Member of International Legal Affairs Committee; Vice-President Amirali Nasir; and Mr. Rentaro Muto, Partner of Fred Kan & Co., shared their valuable insights at the joint webinar on behalf of the Law Society.