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The following is the list of law firms that operate as limited liability partnerships:-

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No. Firm Type LLP Status Firm Name (English) Firm Name (Chinese) First Commencement as LLP Latest Commencement as LLP Latest Cessation as LLP Status History
61 Local Current LLP CHAK & ASSOCIATES LLP 翟氏有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
62 Local Current LLP TANG, LEE & CO. LLP 鄧李律師行(有限法律責任合夥) Details
63 Foreign Current LLP MAPLES AND CALDER (HONG KONG) LLP 邁普達律師事務所(香港)有限法律責任合夥 Details
64 Local Current LLP LOEB & LOEB LLP 樂博律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
65 Local Current LLP DENTONS HONG KONG LLP 德同國際有限法律責任合夥 Details
66 Local Current LLP DEHENG LAW OFFICES (HONG KONG) LLP 德恒律師事務所(香港)有限法律責任合夥 Details
67 Local Current LLP LAU EDWARD PHOEBE NG SOLICITORS LLP 劉振豪 吳靄星律師行 (有限法律責任合夥) Details
68 Local Current LLP LAU, HORTON & WISE LLP 劉賀韋律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
69 Local Current LLP LAI M.C.A. SOLICITORS LLP 賴文俊(有限法律責任合夥)律師行 Details
70 Local Current LLP ALLBRIGHT LAW (HONG KONG) OFFICES LLP 錦天城(香港)律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
71 Local Current LLP REED SMITH RICHARDS BUTLER LLP 禮德齊伯禮律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
72 Local Current LLP LAU & NGAN, SOLICITORS LLP 顏少倫劉世民律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
73 Local Current LLP NGANS LAWYERS LLP 顏氏律師事務所(有限法律責任合夥) Details
74 Local Current LLP SULLIVAN & CROMWELL (HONG KONG) LLP 蘇利文‧克倫威爾律師事務所(香港)有限法律責任合夥 Details
75 Local Current LLP JINGTIAN & GONGCHENG LLP 競天公誠律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details
76 Local Current LLP PAUL, WEISS, RIFKIND, WHARTON & GARRISON LLP 寶維斯有限法律責任合夥律師行 Details
77 Local Current LLP KOO, LI & PARTNERS LLP 顧李律師行有限法律責任合夥 Details
78 Local Current LLP KOO CHRISTINE M. & IP, SOLICITORS & NOTARIES LLP 顧張文菊、葉成慶律師事務所有限法律責任合夥 Details

Showing 61 - 78 of 78 Records
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